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Elodie's aim in their writing is to present fresh, relatable and flawed characters navigating their worlds. Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes heart-breaking and always undeniably human.


They write in a range of different genres, but always with the intention to invite people in to consider things anew. Just from the fact that they themselves are queer, most of the stories they write are also truthfully queer.

They have experience with adaptation, comedy and period pieces. The bulk of their work has been in theatre, although they are beginning to branch out into television as well. Their strengths include thorough and exhaustive research, a collaborative approach to revisions and quirky humour.

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Sporty Lesbians, 2024

Produced by the Pitchy Breath Theatre Company

Grab A Seat By The Fire, 2023

Produced by the Pitchy Breath Theatre Company

I Do Not, 2022

Produced by the Pitchy Breath Theatre Company

Dracula, 2021

Produced by the The Archway Theatre

Small, 2019

Produced by the Pitchy Breath Theatre Company

Artful Monsters, 2018
(previously Mary Shelley and the Birth of Frankenstein)

Produced by The Archway Theatre

Confusion, 2017

Produced by The Archway Theatre

Hyde, 2016

Produced by The Archway Theatre


I Do Not

"Absolutely superb. Such modern and colloquial writing...I haven't laughed so much in ages."

"My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Well done to Elodie for their fantastic script."

"That was probably the funniest play I have seen on a stage that I can recall."


"[Elodie's] version closely followed the original [book], bringing that world and its characters alive on stage. Their script cleverly teased out the text to create compelling dialogue and action, putting words into the mouths of the actors and letting them reinvent the story."

Artful Monsters

"Elodie’s writing is inspired, flowing from humour to dark horror, giving us a chilling insight...into what might have occurred in the minds of these young writers, cleverly intertwining hints of the strange stories they will create. The fact that this script came about through devising and discussion suggests that everyone had a part to play in the final result. The story gripped, horrified and entertained."

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