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Elodie's priorities as a director are collaboration and treating their team with compassion and respect. They put trust into the people they work with, in the hopes that they will do the same in return.

Elodie believes that each stage of putting on a play, from writing to directing, acting and finally watching, all contribute something valuable to the production. Their aim is to guide their actors towards an outcome that they have arrived at confidently, using their own artistic instincts.

Elodie has a keen sense of both the aesthetic value of a play, as well as the essentials of character dynamics. They have directed both strictly realistic plays, as well as more stylised pieces, all with rich, deeply explored relationships at their core.



Much Ado About Nothing, 2024

by William Shakespeare

The Archway Theatre

Colder Than Here, 2023

by Laura Wade

The Archway Theatre

Dracula, 2021

adapted by Elodie Foray

The Archway Theatre

A Love Letter From the Time of Borderism to the Time of Nuclear Fallout, 2019

by Tash Collie

Pitchy Breath Theatre Company

Artful Monsters, 2018

by Elodie Foray

The Archway Theatre

Confusion, 2017

by Elodie Foray

The Archway Theatre

Hyde, 2015

by Elodie Foray

The Archway Theatre

The Mask, 2014

by Gary Andrews and Elodie Foray

The Archway Theatre



“A very progressive and imaginative production.”


“[Foray's] imaginative riff on the idea...found a new angle on the intrinsic battle between good and evil that Stevenson dared to suggest are at play inside everyone.”


“It was an original and comic inversion...a delicious mix...subverting the stereotypes and putting a contemporary spin on them, with a generous dash of farce and innuendo. All in all a hilarious romp.”

Artful Monsters

“During the two hours of ‘Artful Monsters’ there was barely a movement or a sound from the mesmerised audience…Elodie’s writing is inspired, flowing from humour to dark horror, giving us a chilling insight...cleverly intertwining hints of the strange stories they will create.”

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