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The diversity of their life experience, and their curiosity about almost anything, means that Elodie is a performer that can draw from many different sources. 

Elodie believes that humans are so varied and exciting that 'naturalism' doesn't have to mean 'underwhelming' or 'understated'. Elodie thrives in a creative and challenging rehearsal space, where being part of a mutually respectful team is a given.

Their strengths include theatre and Shakespeare, which they have performed in over 10 productions of his work. They also have experience in children and family theatre, open air theatre, contemporary plays and more recently, television. 


Performance Highlights

Home - Rachel

Short play. 2023.
Pitchy Breath Theatre Company.

A Christmas Carol - Various

European tour. 2022.
ADGE Theatre.

Invasion, Series 2 - Receptionist

TV Series. 2022.
Apple TV.

As You Like It - Rosalind

Theatre. 2022.
Archway Theatre Company.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare - Helena

Open air theatre. 2021.
Polesden Lacey Shakespeare.

The Marketing Academy Does Comic Relief - Improviser/Facilitator

Improv Show. 2020.

A Comedy of Errors - Adriana

Theatre. 2019.
The Archway Theatre.

Pop Up Shakespeare - Various Roles

Site Specific Theatre. 2019.
Cat's Grin Theatre Company.

The Collector  - Miranda

Theatre. 2018.
The Archway Theatre.


As You Like It

"The excellent duo of Elodie Foray and Lauren Fielding as Rosalind and Celia was a treat
to watch. They had such fantastic timing and chemistry with each other that it was easy to
believe they had been friends forever. They both spoke Shakespeare’s words so
beautifully- it was a real pleasure to listen to them."

A Comedy of Errors

"Elodie Foray as the sometime neglected and often tipsy Adriana...was the perfect contrast to Samantha Thornton’s Luciana, her younger sister."

The Cherry Orchard

"We felt for Varya (Elodie Foray), disappointed in love."

A Matter of Life and Death

"Elodie Foray as Conductor 71, the French aristocrat who sets celestial alarm
bells ringing with her ineptitude, gives a terrifically dotty, comic performance, with an accent that stays just the right side of comprehensible."

The Collector

"Both actors in this two-hander inhabit their roles with admirable relish; these are performances that require intensity and commitment across the whole spectrum of human emotion, as well as an unflinching approach to some uncomfortable scenes."

The Shape of Things

"Elodie Foray as Evelyn gives a knock-out performance. They had complete understanding of the part and command of the stage at all times. Mesmerising, a joy to watch. Their lecture at the end was a tour de force. They put her case for changing Adam convincingly and became a completely different character. They were so full of enthusiasm and sincerity you could almost believe their argument."

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